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Latest company news about I-PEX20454

                          EDP screen wire extremely fine coaxial line (i-pex 20454)
This MCC screen cable USES i-pex 20454 series connectors.The series connector is currently EDP CONN's standard interface.
It has a wide range of applications, stable performance and thin function.Wiring harness USES 40 # OD: 7/0.03 0.35 MM (50 Ω)
coaxial cable.

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                                              Product solutions
I - PEX20454 high-definition EDP screen line, the product is our company in the liquid crystal display custom cable,
can meet a lot of customers on the liquid crystal display module project, involving areas is widely used in liquid crystal display,
medical ultrasound equipment, car navigation, at the same time we also provide customized service, can satisfy the requirement of
the client connector, can view the product page, product details we have worked with customers.

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Part Number Description Pin count Part Number
30 20453-230T-03
40 20453-240T-03
50 20453-250T-03S
Plug parts PLUG HOUSING 20 20454-220T
30 20454-230T
40 20454-240T
50 20454-250T-01
PLUG SHELL 20 2574-0202
30 2574-0302
40 2574-0402
50 2574-0502
PLUG PULL BAR 20 2576-120-00
30 2576-130-00
40 2576-140-00
50 2576-150-00
RECEPTACLE 20 20455-A20E-76
30 20455-030E-76
40 20455-040E-76
50 20455-050E-76
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