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In the surveillance camera and network camera market, when it is necessary to distinguish certain specific things, the camera must have high-resolution performance. The camera signal is 2 million 1080P MIPI signals, the characteristic impedance is 100Ω±10Ω, the Teflon electronic wire can only be 100Ω±15Ω, and the pitch of the electronic wire is unstable during the production process, and there is a risk of flickering. Very thin coaxial The cable can well meet the characteristic impedance requirements; in addition, the camera that can rotate at a large angle has higher requirements for the life of the internal connector, which cannot be met by the ordinary cable. DF36-40P-0.4SD ultra-fine coaxial cable no matter the wire , Or the strength of the plug welding, both are more reliable.

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DF36A-15S-0.4V DF36A-25S-0.4V DF36A-30S-0.4V DF36A-40S-0.4V
DF36A-45S-0.4V DF36A-50S-0.4V
DF36C-15P-0.4SD DF36-20P-0.4SD DF36-25P-0.4SD DF36-30P-0.4SD DF36-40P-0.4SD DF36-45P-0.4SD DF36-50P-0.4SD

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